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Earth Vibrations

Put on your favourite boots and set off to discover Valle di Ledro! Immerse yourself in this paradise that offers a wide variety of breathtaking views, vegetation and landscapes that allow you to go hiking and trekking all year round, starting from 65 m of Lake Garda to 2254 m of Monte Cadria.
With your backpack on your shoulders you can take a trip back in time walking through the Austrian trenches of the First World War, taking the colours of Tremalzo which is famous for its blooms or conquering several lakes in Trentino at the same time doing the Senter dele Greste.
The relaxing walk by the lake is completely flat, suitable for everyone and offers wonderful views, surrounded by green woods and nature.
Next time you come to Valle di Ledro bring her too! Your lover, the bicycle!!!! Here there is a real paradise suitable for you, with over 200 km of marked trails on forest roads, paths and old mule tracks, suitable both for those who are still novices and for those who want to feel the adrenaline with the Mountain Bike.
Without much effort you can cross the valley taking the bike path that starts from Biacesa, goes along the southern shore of Lake Ledro and then reaches Lake Ampola.
Road bike lovers can discover the nearby areas such as Passo Tremalzo, Malga Trat which are immersed in the Ledrensi Alps, or reach Lake Garda in Pregasina. Finally, you can cycle towards the village of Storo, in Valle del Chiese until you reach the Bresciano border at Lake Idro. What do you say? There's a way to go!
Guided tours and infos contact : Max Spagnolli 0039 348 7932007
Mtb and E-bike Rentals contact : Matias Oliari 0039 349 0038825

Emotions on the water

How can you not take advantage of the crystal clear water of Lake Ledro in every way ? Every day, in the late morning, there is a light breeze that, between Pieve and Mezzolago, allows pleasant outings, where the strength of the wind is such that even beginners can approach these sports in total safety. At the beaches of the Lake you can rent Windsurf, Wakeboard, Sailing Boats, Pedalo, Canoe, Kayak or Sup, a new way to find peace and quiet. Paddling standing on a board gives an incredible feeling of freedom and allows you to cross Lake Ledro, discovering hidden coves and beaches. This experience should be experienced early in the morning, when the lake is perfectly flat and the day lights up... let the waves carry you away!

Head in the air

It's okay to go home relaxed, but sometimes it takes a little bit of madness! You may experience new sensations in close contact with nature and measure yourself in different conditions.
Like Canyoning. In the area of Lake Ampola there are two jewels that can give you maximum adrenaline, the Palvico torrent and the Rio Nero. The experts will make you discover the most hidden nature!

To always keep your heart in your mouth, put on your helmet, harness and start running! Until you take off, time stops for a moment... and then starts again once in flight.
Let the paragliding experts guide you, and watch the world from above!
Jacopo Pellizzari - Mountain Guide and two-seater pilot : 0039 348-8113173

As children how much we liked to climb up everything around us!!! Trees and rocks turn into real adventures! If you want to try those sensations in total safety, in Valle di Concei there is a cliff suitable for families and those who have just started the approach with Climbing.

Right next to our hotel, during the summer months, an artificial climbing gym is open.
For the more experienced, in the area of Biacesa and in the Ampola area there are other crags equipped by enthusiasts, with various difficulties.

Childhood memories

What was your best vacation as a kid? Lake Ledro is the right place for your family!
Carefree days playing and diving in the crystal clear water of the lake, breathing the clean mountain air and taking walks suitable for a child as Ledro Land Art, Biotopo dell'Ampola, or hear the rustle of the waterfall Gorg d’Abiss.
By taking part in the family activities proposed by the Pile-Dwelling Museum, you can take a step back in time and discover the scents and flavours of the past that the masters of the Valley have been able to preserve and hand down through the generations.
The hotel has, inside the bar, a corner suitable for children, with toys, colouring books and board games for the whole family. In addition, in the open air you will find a private green garden with trampoline, swing, slide and, as a team, you can challenge yourself to a game of five-a-side football!
The memory of this holiday is yours to write down...

Winter time

Valle di Ledro changes its cloak and lets us discover another side of its nature. No longer with so many colours, chirping birds and butterflies wandering around us, but with the crunch of snow under our shoes and the snowy mountains reflecting on the sleeping lake. Before returning to warm up in front of the flames with a cup of hot mulled wine in our hands, we take advantage of clear days walking in the woods or hiking with snowshoes in the moonlight. Families with children are awaited with the sledge in Tremalzo where there is a track with a comfortable treadmill for the ascent. No fatigue, lots of fun! During the Christmas period, you can discover the Village of the Giant where the wrapped and the districts of the village of Bezzecca are lit with candles and animated by the laughter of children. In this warm atmosphere, authentic scents and flavours handed down from generation to generation blend together.

As it once was

The taste of Trentino milk is so good, because the cows graze freely in the unpolluted meadows of Valle di Ledro. The cheese is just as rich in flavor and awakens in us those memories.
To discover the History and flavours of Valle di Ledro you can take a trip back in time starting from the Pile Dwellings Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where many activities are scheduled for everyone. The Garibaldi Museum and the trenches of the First World War bring us back to important moments of history and the Foletto Pharmaceutical Museum amazes us with the perfumes and flavours of syrups and liqueurs created with the plants and fruits collected in our precious territory.