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Ledro Lake

Thanks to the presence of the lake and the surrounding mountains, Valle di Ledro is a natural gym surrounded by greenery. Lake Ledro is a huge natural swimming pool situated at 650 m above sea level where you can dive in the hot summer months and refresh yourself in the crystal clear water. The mountains, on the other hand, allow you to enrich yourself with positive energy and rediscover yourself. You will be spoilt for choice to practice your favourite sport too!

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Sport & Activity

Lake Ledro

Earth Vibrations

Put on your favourite boots and set off to discover Valle di Ledro! Immerse yourself in this paradise that offers a wide variety of breathtaking views, vegetation and landscapes that allow you to go hiking and trekking all year round, starting from 65 m of Lake Garda to 2254 m of Monte Cadria...

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Emotions on the water

How can you not take advantage of the crystal clear water of Lake Ledro in every way ? Every day, in the late morning, there is a light breeze that, between Pieve and Mezzolago, allows pleasant outings, where the strength of the wind is such that even beginners can approach these sports in total safety...

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Head in the air

It's okay to go home relaxed, but sometimes it takes a little bit of madness! You may experience new sensations in close contact with nature and measure yourself in different conditions...

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Childhood memories

What was your best vacation as a kid? Lake Ledro is the right place for your family!
Carefree days playing and diving in the crystal clear water of the lake, breathing the clean mountain air and taking walks suitable for a child as Ledro Land Art, Biotopo dell'Ampola, or hear the rustle of the waterfall Gorg d’Abiss...

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Winter time

Valle di Ledro changes its cloak and lets us discover another side of its nature. No longer with so many colours, chirping birds and butterflies wandering around us, but with the crunch of snow under our shoes and the snowy mountains reflecting on the sleeping lake...

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As it once was

The taste of Trentino milk is so good, because the cows graze freely in the unpolluted meadows of Valle di Ledro. The cheese is just as rich in flavor and awakens in us those memories...

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